Eggshell AlchemyEdit

Don't clean up the eggshell and gunk left behind after Super Mega Pet hatches. After a few moments, the mess turns into gold coins that can help you get a head start.

Baby SittingEdit

There is no need to play with Super Mega Pet or clean when he is content. If Super Mega Pet is happy, full, and has a full life bar it is usually okay to leave him alone for a few minutes at a time too. While this can prove to be hazardous, it is all part of the game.

Bug SprayEdit

Buy bug spray as soon as possible. There are pests in the simulation that can overwhelm and kill Super Mega Pet unless they are dealt with quickly.

Cleaning for LifeEdit

If Super Mega Pet is about to die, you can quickly build up his life bar by clicking on the clean button rapidly. However, this also drops his mood and increases his hunger so consider this tactic a last resort.